Brad Reeder


Introducing Brad, the visionary behind Magic Valley Dairy Systems (MVDS), formerly known as Progressive Bovine Supply. In 2019, Brad took the reins of the company and transformed it into the thriving MVDS we know today. With a background as a seasoned electrician, Brad brings a unique perspective to the table and is enthusiastic about achieving the goals set for the company.

At the core of Brad’s leadership is his dedication to building a vibrant company culture. He is all about infusing MVDS with a sense of fun, a relentless work ethic, and a rewarding atmosphere for everyone involved. One thing that defines Brad is his unwavering commitment to integrity – he firmly believes in doing what you say you’re going to do.

With a personality that thrives on attention to detail, Brad ensures that every aspect of MVDS’s operations is meticulously handled. His passion for excellence and precision resonates throughout the organization, inspiring the team to strive for greatness. Under Brad’s guidance, MVDS is not just a business but a vibrant and thriving community that embraces the values of hard work, integrity, and a zest for life.

Personal Insights:

  • Favorite activity:  Off-road expeditions
  • Favorite car:  Modified Jeep 4×4
  • Favorite food: Steak
  • Least favorite food:  Tofu
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: Grits
  • Favorite movie: Tombstone
  • Favorite place at 4pm on Saturdays:  Mountain drives
  • Proudest accomplishment:  Marrying my soulmate who not only shares an unwavering commitment to personal growth but also an exceptional dedication to our business and its team members

Aaron Young

Sales Operations Manager

Meet Aaron, our Operations Manager at Magic Valley Dairy Systems (MVDS). Hailing from Idaho, Aaron’s fitness journey began at a young age, igniting a lifelong passion for health and well-being. His career started by helping run and open 2 gyms.

Through his early experiences, Aaron gained valuable insights into the world of operations and honed his skills in sales. After a stint in Boise, he was drawn back to Twin Falls, where he met the love of his life and now enjoys the blessings of being a proud father to three wonderful girls.

Joining MVDS in 2023, Aaron brings his expertise and enthusiasm to the team as he efficiently oversees the daily operations, ensuring smooth functioning and success in all endeavors.

Personal Insights:

  • Preferred pastime: Engaging in fitness activities
  • Favorite automobile: Hellcat Challenger
  • Top culinary choice: Teriyaki Chicken
  • Not a fan of: Oatmeal
  • Go-to breakfast cereal: Special K with Chocolate Chips
  • Movie preference: Independence Day
  • Preferred Saturday spot at 4pm: By the water, alongside my wife and three daughters
  • Most notable achievement: Successfully launching and selling a business.

Kim Mitchell

Finance Operations Manager

Introducing Kim Mitchell, our capable and versatile Finance Operations Manager. With a dynamic background, Kim has honed her skills across different roles.

As the Finance Operations Manager at Magic Valley Dairy Systems, she brings years of QuickBooks expertise, teamwork proficiency, and HR insight to the team. Kim’s commitment extends beyond the workplace, showcased by her current role as a Licensed Realtor at Canyon Trail Realty since November 2020.

Her organizational skills were evident during her time in global purchasing at Automated Dairy Systems. Kim’s academic journey through the College of Southern Idaho and Jerome High School further bolsters her Business Administration and Management expertise.

Personal Insights:

  • Favorite activity: Exploring new places through travel
  • Favorite car: Toyota Corolla, embracing the charm of simplicity
  • Favorite food: Turkey, a flavorful choice
  • Least favorite food: Seafood, due to its off-putting aroma
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, a crunchy delight
  • Favorite movie: The Harry Potter Movies, a magical escape
  • Favorite place at 4pm on Saturdays: Among the mountains, cherishing moments with her kids
  • Biggest non-work win: Creating and running the Mac McLean Memorial scholarship fund, awarding $30,500.00 to students at Jerome High School

Clemente Torres

Service Manager

Meet Clemente Torres, a driving force behind Magic Valley Dairy Systems (MVDS) as our dedicated Service Manager. Since MVDS’s inception in 2019, Clemente has been a steadfast pillar of the company’s growth and success. With a profound history that traces back to his tenure at Progressive Bovine Supply since 2014, Clemente brings an extensive foundation of expertise to his role.

His deep knowledge and composed demeanor are not only a testament to his proficiency but also a key factor in why people love working at MVDS. Clemente’s unwavering commitment to MVDS goes beyond his responsibilities, resonating in every aspect of his work.

His extensive background and genuine passion for the company make him an invaluable asset, earning the admiration and respect of colleagues and clients alike. As our Service Manager, Clemente’s contributions embody the very essence of MVDS’s mission, cementing his place as a cornerstone of our continued success.

Personal Insights:

  • Favorite activity: Soccer and Kid
  • Favorite car: Camaro
  • Favorite food: Tortas
  • Least favorite food: Mac n Cheese
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: Kellogg’s
  • Favorite movie: Prison Break show
  • Favorite place at 4pm on Saturdays: With my family
  • Proudest accomplishment: Hands down my family and the decision to start my journey to becoming an electrical journeyman

Jesus Norato

Support Manager

Meet Jesus Norato, the mind behind the support and operation of Magic Valley Dairy Systems (MVDS) as our dedicated Support Manager. With an intricate understanding of every facet of MVDS’s functioning, Jesus is the backbone of our operational excellence. His expertise spans across the entire spectrum of support, reflecting his profound knowledge and unwavering commitment to the company.

Having become an integral part of MVDS, Jesus’s journey has been defined by his deep-rooted passion for the company’s success.

His unparalleled understanding of MVDS’s intricacies and his ability to navigate challenges with poise and expertise make him an indispensable asset. As the Support Manager, Jesus’s contributions resonate in every corner of our operations, making him an instrumental figure in MVDS’s continued growth.

Personal Insights:

  • Most Enjoyable Pastime: Observing kids engage in sports
  • Preferred Automobile: Acura NSX
  • Go-To Cuisine: Mexican dishes
  • Not a Fan of: Chinese cuisine
  • Movie or show of Choice: Family Guy
  • Ideal 4 pm Saturday Spot: The beach, surrounded by family
  • Filled with Pride for: Buying my first home